My name is Jeff Hall and at this Web site are my synthesizer realizations of music from the 17th to 20th centuries. There are free MP3s for download that I hope you enjoy.

The music on this site is public domain except for Terry Riley's In C, which appears by permission of the composer's representation, and my original ragtime, which is under copyright. The realizations are copyrighted; please enjoy them for personal use but do not distribute or use for commercial purposes without permission.

The music is also playable on this site using embedded Flash players; upgrades to tablet-friendly players are on the way. If you feel inspired to drop a bit into my PayPal jar, donations are accepted with my thanks.


The contrapuntal masterpiece, performed, orchestrated, and realized on synthesizers and including the completion of Contrapunctus XIV by Zoltán Göncz.

A 50-minute performance of the 1964 minimalist classic, scored for classical-era symphony orchestra and pipe organ.